6 Week Kick Start

A 6 week fitness program designed for all body types and physical abilities. Ages 19 - 84 have completed this program and seen results!


Ready to shred fat?
Need exercises to do at home w/little equipment?
Need to know which exercises to do?
Looking for a Fail-Safe Plan?
Look no more!

 * Get motivated

 * Establish good habits

 * Fun, Fast Workouts

 * Nutrition and Exercise

 * Keep Focused

6 Week Kick Start will

Turn you into a Fat Burning Machine
Increase Energy
Decrease need for some medications
Help Control Insulin Levels
Make you
Burn Fat

6 Week Kick Start
program includes
 - 6 Weeks of Workouts, explaining exactly what to do each day
 - Pictures and descriptions of each exercise
 - Nutritional Information
 - Tracking of your Weight Loss Progress
 - Motivation
 - Requirement of 1 Cheat Day per week

It's packed full of 47 pages of information, fat loss tips, exercises and more.

It comes with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. That means if you don't think you got your money's worth, I'll give you ALL your money back!

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Equipment Required
 - Elastic tubing
 - Hand weights 3, 5, and 8 pounds will work for most women (you can also substitute soup cans, a gallon milk bottle weighs 8 pounds, but fill it with water so the milk doesn't go bad)
- Stability Ball (also called yoga ball, fitness ball, etc).
 - Medicine Ball (optional)

All of these items are inexpensive and can be purchased at most large box stores.

When I offered the 6 Week Kick Start to my clients,
they paid $85 for the same information and once a week group workouts.
Now you get it for Only $25

Why am I doing this? Because my goal is to help others enjoy their life more.

I want more people to discover they can move more, play with their kids on the floor,
run in the park, or be healthy enough to go on that cruise they always wanted.

I don't want extra weight to hold anyone back from achieving full potential. Go for it!
Only $25 for 6 Weeks of Exercises, Motivation and Direction