Cindy Body Transformation
Cindy Before
Cindy Body Transformation
Cindy Today
Inches Lost After 17 Weeks 
Neck .73

Right Bicep .5 

Waist 6.125

Ribs 2.875

Hips 2.875

Right Thigh 2.375

Right Calf .5
Total Inches
Total Inches Lost Today







Lost 58.5 inches or
4 feet 10.5 inches
Annie Body Transformation
Annie Before
Annie Body Transformation
Annie 17 Weeks Later
Inches Annie Lost in 17 Weeks
Neck  1.0
Right Bicep 1.375
Right Wrist  .250
Chest   5.0
Ribs  5.375
Waist  4.5
Hips   4.5625
Right Thigh  1.625
Right Calf  .375

Total of 27.685 inches Lost

Cindy's Body Transformation Story

Cindy's lost inches.
Inches lost in stomach
Cindy achieved amazing results without drugs, stimulants, medication, fat burners, plants from the Amazon, fasting, cleansing or other short lived methods.

She did what I told her, not EXACTLY what I told her, but luckily the program has built in grace. In other words, you get amazing results without following the program exactly. In fact, I believe in it so much I offer a
100% unconditional money back guarantee. 

Cindy started her first diet at the age of 9.  She had a lifetime of yo-yo dieting. She tried every diet you can think of. When I met her, she believed she would be fat the rest of her life. She had given up, thinkin she would never lose the extra weight.

Then she started the program and started seeing amazing results. Most of all she LOVED the Cheat Day. That's the one day a week you can eat anything they want and as much as they want. Cindy ate so much on those days that she almost felt sick, and she still achieved amazing results!

The real way to lose fat is NOT to starve yourself! The trick is to eat every 3 to 3.5 hours. That way your body will actually burn the calories you eat instead of store them as fat and conserve every calorie, making it even harder for you to burn them.

Annie's Body Transformation

Annie Body Transformation
Where her stomach used to be
Annie lived in Wasilla, Alaska.  She lost 19.5 pounds in less than 17 weeks while enrolled in my 17 Week Body Transformations Program. Unfortunatly for us, Annie died after a struggle with cancer.

After the 17 Week Program, she lost even more weight and inches.

Annie went to my Fat Loss Secrets Seminar before the 17 Week Program started. She applied what we talked about at the seminar and lost 6 pounds in 1 week before even starting the 17 week program!

Carla's Thoughts about Annie's Transformation
I remember one night near the beginning of the program Annie was so excited. She came in that week with an extra sparkle in her eyes. Annie exclaimed she went on a walk with her husband and their dogs and she wasn't winded and didn't have to end the walk early.

Feedback like this thrills me. I LOVE it when someone's life changes and they can do more with their body than before.


After each class graduates, I like to interview the group and find out what they thought about the program. Here's some responses.

Question: Do you have any regrets about doing the program?
Cindy's Response: "Absolutely not. I'm never going to be that fat person again."

Question: What health changes did you see while on the program?
Cindy's Response: "My carpal tunnel went away once I started eating better and exercising. My blood pressure dropped from 154/102 (on medication) to 124/94 (without medication)."

Question: What was the best part of the program?
Cindy's Response: "Having you (Carla) there to encourage me and make sure I was staying on track.

Question: Is this something you can continue for the rest of your life?
Annie's Reply: "Yes.
By the end of the program I made it a habit and it's now a part of my life."

Carla Goldberg
Carla Goldberg