Boot Camp

Boot Camp
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Turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine at Boot Camp! Guaranteed Results or all your money back!

Each Day at Boot Camp is different. Here's an example of some of the things we do: obstacle course, fitness games, kettle bells, stability balls, ladders, hand weights, medicine balls, bands, tubing, body weight exercises, balance board, BOSU and more.

Since each workout is different, you won't reach a plateau and you'll continue to see results.
Don't think you are not in good enough shape to join Boot Camp. I modify the exercises to match your fitness level. Don't think age is an issue - I've taught ages 15 to 76 in Boot Camp.
Each month your progress is tracked - weight, body fat percentage, and inches lost. 

Boot Camp Results

Here's what happened in June of 2007

    Someone lost 9.5 pounds

    Another lost 7.75 inches off her hips

    One lady lost an inch of each thigh, her hip and her waist! The list goes on.

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Boot Camps for Teachers/Businesses

Teachers - Do you have a gym or large area available? I can come to your school and teach Boot Camp after school through out the school year.

Businesses - I can come to your place of business and use a conference room or large area for Boot Camp. We could do it during lunch or after work.