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These links are all products that I have used and believe in. If you have any questions about them or had a negative experience with them, please let me know!


People are always asking me about supplements. I do take them myself.

Supplements I take on a regular basis:
1. Multi-Vitamin
2. Protein Powder
3. Omega Fish Oil
4. D-3
5. Pro-Biotics

There are a lot on products out there with poor quality control. Many are made in China and have cross contamination of other elements harmful to your body.

For this reason, I purchase 90% of my supplements from companies who make the products in America. Products packaged in the US have to follow stricter guidelines. Many of the US companies also go to independent labs to verify what they say is in the product actually is what is in there.

I buy my protein powder from ProGrade Nutrition. They are a US company, use only high quality ingredients, and I know they are not putting in things like lead or fillers to "water down" the product.

Link for ProGrade:

Great Free Resources

These 2 products are awesome. They are not hype. They are based on science, facts and a proven track record, And they are FREE. Check them out.

Need Instant Pain Relief?

This is great if you have chronic pain or just worked out too hard and need some help to get over the pain without taking a pill.

1000 Calorie Workouts

Want to lose pure fat? Add these 1000 Calorie burning workouts to your fitness program. Get ready to sweat the fat away!

Back Pain Relief

My clients have experienced amazing results with products such as the Lose the Back Pain System. It was designed by a Physical Therapist who saw lots of patients come to him before and after back surgery. Often with the same problem. He has a system to do an analysis and identify muscle strengths and weaknesses in your body and gives you exercises to do to correct the problems to make the back pain go away.

This is not a hoax. It's an amazing program. Let's take an example of a chiropractor - he can fix and release the immediate pain, but eventually the pain may come back due to muscle imbalances in your body. This system addresses those imbalances.

I can do this program with you or you can order it directly. But check out the link below for a FREE Back Pain Relief Guide.