Services Offered

List of the services I provide
 - Personal Training (one on one or small group)
 - Group Training - such as Boot Camps or Weight Loss Clinics
 - Cancer Pre, During, & Post Treatment
 - Grocery Store Tours
 - Triathlon Training
 - Adult Swim Classes
 - Nutritional Recommendations to support fat loss

See below for a current list of classes. If you are interested in a specifc topic, seminar, or group activity, let me know. I often give free seminars to non profits.

Tri The Trails Triathlon Training Camp
Meets Saturdays, starting Saturday, May 7th, 10 - 11:30 am.
Location varies, but usually at the Matanuska Lake
$100 + 1 lap swim pool fee.

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Boot Camps - inside in the winter, outside in the summer

Boot Camp
I'm not running any boot camps right now. IF there is enough interest, I might do them in the summer on Mon & Wed evenings (like 5:00 - 6:00 pm??) Send me an email if you are interested at

Adult Swimming Class

Swim Faster with Less Effort. more info

I'll teach you one on one how to swim or how to improve your swim time.

The technique I teach involves learing to swim using the core, not your arms and legs. This leads to being able to swim a lot longer with way less effort.

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Personal Training

Personal Training is Right for You If You:
 - Want to work one-on-one with me
 - Have Previous Injuries
 - Need Extra Help with Motivation
 - Don't Like a Group Setting
 - Need Extra Nutrition Help
 - Have any Medical Issues or Concerns

I'll Get You To
 - Speed up your metabolism without any pills, supplements or stimulants
 - Do exercises correctly so you won't get hurt
 - Train your body to burn the fuel you eat
 - Say good bye to plateaus
 - Combine foods you eat to burn more calories
 - How to burn fat while you sleep or watch TV
 - Achieve things you thought were no longer possible
 - Decrease depression and need for some medications
 - Control your blood sugar level
 - Not have that afternoon sleeping time
 - Increase energy levels
 - Demand you Have 1 Cheat Day A Week
 - And More!

I work with clients one on one, in small groups and in large group settings, such as Boot Camp.

Individual Personal Training is a way for me to really focus on your specific fitness needs. Clients see results faster when working with me one-on-one.

Sessions last 25 or 50 minutes. My studio is located in my home at Palmer, Alaska.

On Your Own Programs

6 Week Kick Start Program - Workout at Home w/Little Equipment
Ready to add exercise while you address emotional issues associated with weight loss?

My 6 Week Kick Start Program is a great place to start.

It includes
 - 6 weeks of exercises
 - Fat Burning Nutrition
 - Photos & Descriptions of every exercise
 - Mandatory 1 Cheat Day per Week
 - Tricks to Turn Yourself into a Fat Burning Machine
 - Workouts you can do at home with very little equipment
 - Over 40 pages of fat loss information