I personally use these items.

The items listed here are actual items I use and believe in. I hope you will find them helpful too.

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Cancer Resources I Use

Best Cancer Source Period

This book is loaded with research backing alternative cancer treatments and info about success rates of traditional medicine's cancer results. A must read for all cancer patients & those with a family history of cancer. It's all here in this amazing book.

Gluten Free/Celiac Resources I use

ADHD can be a Reaction to Gluten

Kids with Celiac Disease are often treated for ADHD, when it might be resolved by a change in diet - going gluten Free.

Triathlon Training


Save $$$$

Save Money!

Green Bags are how I save LOTS of money. My veggies last 3 to 4 times longer in these bags. They really work. I don't like the generic version, they don't seem to last as long.
I've put half an avacado (with the seed still in it) in one of these bags and put in the refrigerator for 3 days. It was a little brown on the exposed edge - no more than if I left it out for an hour. The rest tasted fresh!

Detox Tools