Adult Swimming Lessons

I'm available for one on one trianing or small group swim training.

I teach my clients to swim using the core as the powerhouse instead of arms and legs to move forward. It results in minimum effort with maximum results. So you don't tire out. It helps you enjoy swimming, instead of making it a chore.

I swam on the swim team in high school, but once I learned these techniques a few years ago I was amazed how much better I swam. I was faster and more relaxed. My longest swim is 1.5 miles in the San Franscisco Bay, which was followed by a 18 mile bike ride and 8 mile run. Obviously, being able to conserve energy for the bike and run was a necessity for the race.

Lessons Include

 * Drill practice to improve swimming
 * One-on-one work to address your specific issues
 * Tips to improve your technique
 * How to turn at the wall (if desired)
 * Tips for swimming faster
  * Max speed with minimum effort

"But I Can't Swim"

Don't worry! This technique is great for new swimmers. Most people have problems with breathing and relaxing in the water. I have several drills to achieve the correct state of relaxation. Correct breathing while swimming helps you relax and swim more efficiently.

I've worked with clients who considered themselves terrible swimmers. In just two 30 minute sessions with me in the pool, most people are swimming with head in the water, have dramatically less fear of the water and are more confidence in abilities.  Not to mention they look relaxed with WAY better technique!

This all results in minimum effort, maximum output!  

"But I'm a Good Swimmer Already"

Great! The best thing about swimming is you can always get better.

I'm in my 40's and the swimming techniques taught when I was young are out dated - just like rotary phones, faxes, and those bricks they used to call cell phones. It's not that those things are bad. They worked great at the time, but we now have better methods to achieve a faster, more efficient job. Swimming is no different. Unfortunately, some of those old techniques are still being taught to adults and children today at our local pools.

The skills you learn will make you faster with less effort. You will learn to swim smooth and relalxed through the water.