Carla Goldberg - Moving Bodies from Impossible to Possible

I have a passion to help others achieve more than they think is possible. It might involve losing weight, completing a triathlon, getting a frozen shoulder unstuck, reducing back pain so life is tolerable or just being more active.

Client Feedback
"My carpal tunnel went away once I started eating better and exercising. My blood pressure dropped from 154/102 with medication, to 124/94 without medication. I was a fat, frumpy person. I will never be that fat person again" C.O.

"I love I can now go on long walks with my husband and our dogs. I'm not winded and I no longer have to turn around and go home by myself." A.H.

"After our one session my back felt so much better. I had no idea I had so much pain until it went away." P.L.

"Carla, I can't believe it. For the first time since I can remember I don't have pain in my back when I lean over to turn the shower on." J.Y.

Can You Imagine?
One client had a frozen shoulder and wasn't able to shave her arm pits because she couldn't lift her arm. Her husband had to shave her. Over time, she was able to shave her arm pit by herself. This may seem small, but imagine having to ask someone each time you wanted to shave your pits. Simple things can lead to great freedom.

Another client was in a major car accident. The left side of her body was really messed up. She saw me twice a week. When she had to go out of town and missed even one session, the pain would increase and she would lose mobility.

I'v seen a client go from not being able to swim more than a few feet to swim 500 yards in just 10 weeks and completing a triathlon with a really good time!

I've been blessed to see clients come out of their shells from an overweight, unhappy, and depressed person to someone who embraces life and looks forward to meeting others.


"I really enjoy teaching others about their bodies.
All of us can do a lot more than we think we can.
It's fun to watch clients discover and achieve thier true passions, strengths, and personalities.
I'm truly blessed to be a part of this."
Carla Goldberg

Carla's Experience

Carla & Phil Kaplan, Be Better Leader
I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I've worked in the fitness industry since 1995. My passion is to teach others how to get more out of life. Helping them reach new levels of possibility.

I'm a member of The Be Better Academy. It's an ambitious program developed by Phil Kaplan, "The expert people trust and fitness leaders rely on". Phil searched for fitness professionals with a passion to achieve amazing results and provide excellent customer service. He established this elite group of trainers from North America to advance the industry of Personal Training.

These trainers push themselves and each other, creating a select group of phenomonial trainers.

I also teach Boot Camps, group cycle, swimming and triathlon classes, weight loss clinics and more.

Get To Know Carla

Never too young to start exercising
My kids on the treadmill.
I'm married and we have 2 girls. I'm a stay at home mom, that is my first job, my second job is being a fitness coach & motivator.

I love doing triathlons (swim, bike, run). That's what pushes me to new levels - levels of growth and learning. I'm always surprised how much my beliefs will try and limit my possiblities. When I'm training or in a race I grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiriturally. My mind will try and hold me back and tell me I can't do something. But you know what? So far it's always been wrong.

I love to take what I've learned about possiblities and teach it to others. We all limit ourselves whith what we think is possible. That's why I tell people I'm Moving Bodies from Impossible to Possible.

I like to cook, but never seem to have time to do very much of it. When I'm not with my family, training myself, training others, or spending time with my church family, you might find me digging in the dirt trying to grow something.

Fun Stuff I've Done